Brands Unlimited Trading Inc. has been in the confectionary and specialty food business for over 30 years; importing and distributing throughout North America. Our mission is to create and market exciting new gift items at incredible retail price points; working with retailers to build unique and exclusive gifting programs for each season.

Brands Unlimited has established relationships with the largest brands, such as, Laura Secord, Lindt, Kahlua, Almond Roca, NHL, Le Gourmet, and Ashley & Foster. The Brands team designs, markets and promotes gifting products for all seasons and occasions; such as Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter, Mother’s Day, Spring & Summer, Graduation, Halloween, and everyday items.

Brands Unlimited has an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. We have never compromised on the quality and the services provided to the customer. We believe in keeping customers happy and providing them with products at a very competitive price. We have an excellent staff who will guide you with their best ideas by keeping in constant touch with retailers and informing about the market trends. We have put together a dynamic team of professional & experienced staff that understand the details of our business and achieve all the goals we set forth. Our sourcing team travels across continents to provide our clients with the best quality for the best price point possible.

Brands Unlimited always tries to create unique and different items in order to get full attention of our retailers. Adapting and understanding what retailers are looking for and creating programs for all major retailers is one of our biggest strengths. We adapt to the retailer’s system of merchandising and shipping. We understand food and confectionery quality controls that are required by multinational retailers, therefore we only do business with manufacturers that are certified with internationally recognized certifications, such as HACCP, ISO 22000 BRC and GMP certifications. Along with the serious importance of quality control, Brands Unlimited has a department specifically dedicated to perfecting each and every basket from a drawing to the final product on the shelf. The production department follows the trail of each gift set and makes sure all goods are being packaged properly. We strongly believe in achieving the beauty in all our gift sets along with following all required certifications.